Wash Day - 19 weeks post and still going strong


Hello ladies. I hope everyone had a fantabulous wash day. I’m phone posting from class (snooze fest) Here’s what I did last wash…..

Pre-Poo - Overnight with Vatika herb infused Coconut oil

Ayurvedic treatment - 2 heaping table spoons of Mehendi Herbal Blend powder mixed with Goat’s milk,  honey and some EO’s. Left on for 3 hours. I must say that upon rinsing this out I could have gone straight to applying my leave-ins. One of these good days I just may……

Deep Condition - Kanechom Ceramides DC with some castor oil, sunflower oil and Hemp Seed oil and sweet orange essential oil. I’m not sure if it’s the ingredients in this DC or the fact that I left in in my hair while I braided my God-daughter’s hair (4 +hrs) but my scalp started to itch and I felt a slight headache coming on. I wasn’t wowed by the results either my NG was still thirsty.

Final Rinse – Mix of rosewater, ACV (restore PH and smooth hair + close cuticles) and a touch of sunflower oil (closes the cuticles + shine). Blot/squeeze to get rid of excess with a T-shirt.

Leave-Ins -  HH coconut marsh mallows and sealed with whipfinity shea butter mix and avocado oil. Air-dried in 4 large twists and settled for a low braided bun.

P.S while doing my bun I realized I didn’t shampoo or cowash. Which could be the reason I’ve had an itchy scalp all week. I haven’t the luxury of time to DC or cowash during the week so Eucalyptus oil and with EVOO are my scalp’s best friends until next wash.

Has this ever happened to you guys? You’ve gone through your entire wash day and realized you missed a step?


The Wash Day Experience

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  1. hmm that is a weird one, wonder what it is. I heard Ayurvedic has the same effect as a co wash, but the Eucalyptus oil should do the trick till your next wash day.

    1. yes the Neem and Shikaki powders have cleansing and conditioning properties. some of the other powders are drying though. Also the Vatika oil has some of those same powders infused in the coconut oil so that could be it too. Then I used the ceramide Dc that has all kinds of ingredients I cant pronounce so who knows...

  2. Hi! Your hair looks so shiny! I love it. My hair isn't looking very shiny lately I think I need to use some honey in prepoo..


    1. Thank you Oumi! Do you incorporate oils in your regimen. I love sealing with wither coconut or avocado oil.

  3. This is such a cute bun! Can you do a tutorial?

    Sometimes when I deep condition overnight, my scalp gets a little itchy. But it's nothing that a rosemary/peppermint tea rinse doesn't fix. I'm sure that it's just my scalp getting annoyed with that much moisture on it for an extended time frame.

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. thanks! its soooo simple toooo...I just braid my hair at my nape (no ponytail holder) twist it around and hold in place with bobby pins!