Wash day- clarifying with Indian Healing Clay

Woo chile where do I begin... This wash day was a mix of highs and lows. Well the process from wash to air drying was easy breezy. When it came to styling that's another discussion!

Let me explain......

Objective: Protein treatment and do a protective style that would
Last up to 4 weeks.

Execution: The highs
  1. Cleansed and clarified my hair With Indian Healing Clay. I mixed the clay with ACV, AVJ, coconut milk and tea tree, rosemary, eucalyptus  and Clove EOs. Let sit for 30 mins. 
  2. I dampened my hair with a rose water-glycerin mix and applied focusing on my scalp and then to lenght of hair. Ladies I just HAVE to say y'all need this clay in your hair life. The results I got were staggering. I was sooo impressed with the results. My hair was cleansed yet moisturized AND smooth. I was like what the what just happened!!!!!!! I read reviews done by naturals raving about this method of cleansing with this clay but you just never know what the outcome will be when applied to your own hair. I left this in for about an hour. This also made an awesome facial mask. I had a lot of fun with this clay! Lol
  3. Protein - DC'd with Profectiv Mega Growth anti-breakage deep conditioner. I ran out of my Aphoogee 2 min reconstructor.. I've had the Profectiv in my stash since December and never used it. I've been missing out. This is an awesome DC as it strengthens the hair while moisturizing and giving loads of slip at the same darn time. 
  4. Moisture- not wanting to risk too much drying out from the Profectiv, I did a quickie 15 min DC with silk dreams vanilla dream yadi yadi yada DC. Like what's up with these names of deep conditioners? Lol
  5. Rinsed out DC and final rinsed with ACV + rosemary tea mix
  6. Tshirt dried and applied leave ins Coconut marshmallow, castor infusion and sealed with avocado oil.
Now for the lows:
At 16 weeks post I was ready to delve into more long term PStyles. I decided on the crotchet style of braiding with some Senagalese twist. I braided my hair and proceeded to add the twist. Half way through my scalp felt really tender and the hair felt really heavy. I debated should I take it out or just proceed and wait a few days for it to loosen.... I decided to take it out. 

I was a bit peeved after investing so much time (4 hrs) but I would be more heated if I had to write about a set back in the next 4 weeks. I think the hair I choose sensational expression xtreme braiding hair was too heavy and the lenght I braided at (pass my buttocks) contributed to this. 

I caught the unbraided hair into a top knot bun and just rolled with the punches.
I will revisit this style again with a lighter braiding and braid to BSL.

All in all I was happy with the results. At 16 weeks post my hair ie NG is still behaving so well.
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And as always LOL- love out Loud

The Wash Day Experience

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  1. Smart move removing your crochet braids. You don't even know how many times i wished that I would have listened to my "hair intuition" instead of trying to just push through. You probably saved yourself some heartache. PLUS what a cute braidout bun!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. Thanks and yes aint nobody got time fo a set back

  2. Protective styles are my enemies sometimes. Your hair looks so beautiful!

  3. Your bun is so cute curled up like that. It's great that you listened to your gut on taking out the braids. Better safe than sorry

    1. you sure right my bun came out really cayutte (cute) lol

  4. Its better to be safe than sorry. Those twist look so pretty thou. I need to try doing crochet braids sometime in the future

    1. yes Tomi .. we have a saying back home that "prevention is better than cure".

  5. Your clay experience has me looking for clay online!!! I have been reading more and more about clay recently!
    Good decision to take down the PS, well done for getting to 16 weeks post!

    1. I say go for it. There are many different types. I chose the Healing Indian clay bc I remember the packaging from a lil kid when my Grammy, mom and aunties used to use it to cleanse their faces.

  6. Beautiful bun absolutely adore the texture!