My hair in pics

Greetings everyone. I wanted to do a post to show how far I've come since starting my HHJ in November of 2012. Ive been growing my hair out of a short cut since August of 2009 but it wasnt until 2012 i challenged myself to see how long my hair can really grow. Before I started this blog I rarely took any pics of my hair progress. Here's where I've been......

Sighhh...sometimes I miss my short thing I can say hair no matter
what lenght was always laid.

Start of HHJ to present
Pic #1 is the day I started my hhj and pic #4 was 2 weeks ago after a mini trim. My hair has gotten thicker due to stretching. I've had to cut a lot of split ends Since the start so personally I don't think I've done all that great with retaining too much lenght. I'll be 20 weeks post this coming Sunday. My goal is to stretch till October for my Birthday and retain ALL my lenght.

I'll pe posting my regimen along with products soon.

Till next post!

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