Protein-packed creamy peanut butter dip

Happy Free-day everyone! Hope you all have a fun-filled weekend!

I wanted to share a protein laden recipe that I've fallen in love with
lately. Most of us on a quest for a healthier, fit body may already know
by now the importance of including protein in our diet. We pretty much need protein
for most processes in our body but one of it's main roles is to provide structure to
cells and tissue, which is mainly why we do protein treatments for our hair.

I've been enjoying this creamy peanut dip for the longest and I love it because it's
yummy, simple to make and very versatile (will explain in a bit). It's also a great
way to sneak protein into your diet, without having to reach for the obvious chicken,
fish or legumes which take more prep time. You still need those sources of protein
but this dip is a no-muss no-fuss.

What you'll need:

Peanut butter- if you're not fond of peanut butter you can sub with Almond butter
Greek yogurt - I use Chobani vanilla blended but plain is just as good. I've also subbed
yogurt for cream cheese when I made it for guests.
Cinnamon or nutmeg - optional

Simply hand mix all the ingredients and enjoy! That's it!!

I've enjoyed with sliced apples, baby carrots, celery, pears, strawberries, grapes,
as a spread on my toast or bagel, one time I ran out of yogurt and put some in my
smoothie, I mean the snacking possibilities are endless with this dip. If you're looking
to build lean muscles and she'd those pounds faster then get to dipping. Lol!!

Fitness Friday

Have an awesome weekend and don't forget to LOL (love out Loud)!

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  1. I think that my kiddos would LOVE this dip. Thanks for sharing chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

    1. OMG my daughter cannot get enough! It's a great way to get them to eat veggies without the threats! lol

  2. Looks delish, I'm trying for sure!!! Never can have enough healthy meal ideas=)