Wash Day - Overnight Prepoo turned DC

Hello again. I'm treating myself and hopefully everyone else reading to two posts in one day. Yay!!

So based on my pics info on my phone my last wash day was 5/9. It was short and sweet by design because my boo and I had tickets to Kevin Hart at the Miami Airlines Arena.

Pre-poo(Friday night) : So what I thought was going to be an overnight pre poo turned into a co-wash and DC all in one step. I used my absolutely favorite co-wash conditioner and mixed it with an old time staple from back in the day. Errr-Maaaa-Gawd!!!!! I'm calling them my Dynamic Duo.
Talk about soft, slippery, silky hair. Yes Lawd!!! My Double D's (see what I did there?) allowed me to detangle in-shower without ANY issues.

Leave- Ins:

Applied L.C.O style.

Style: Flat Ironed hair on 310 degrees .  Two passes to NG  and one pass on rest of hair. Guys my hair did not stand a chance against this Florida heat. Add the fact that I was rushing and the humidity, I was sweating a lot and my hair again started to revert before I even left the house. Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!! I've had enough direct heat on my hair for 2015 though. So far I've flat ironed my hair 4 times this year.

Flat ironing has become my safe haven for taming my new growth especially when am in a time crunch. But no more. Time for a no heat challenge. And definitely time for some Protective styling in the form of Senagaleese twist!

I couldn't even take pics at the show BC there were Camera Police every where and they were kicking people out for being on their phones. I did mange to get a few in the car on the way there.

I was definitely feeling my hurr!!
So my wash day was a win!! But my hair started to revert again so I wore it like this for the week

I plan to clarify this weekend and do an Ayurvedic strengthening treatment and install my twists.

Hope each and every one of you are staying blessed and definitely staying hydrated.

Love Out Loud

The Wash Day Experience

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  1. Love your blog layout! And this silky smooth hair is to die for! Can you do a product review for the Aikay Naturals Leave In and the Yes to Carrots? Both sound amazeballs!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. KLP..you bet ya. It's a shame i've been using the Lemongrass leave in fo so long and have not reviewed it

  2. I am into tuck in styles of late, I am loving your spin of that style in the last pic :-)

  3. AWesome sleek results! Interesting protective style.

    1. Thanks Tomi. Lol at interesting bc I honestly just crissed and crossed and whala.