My DIY tangle-slaying pre-poo


Okay ladies. I am UBER excited for this week's theme “Power of the Pre-poo” so much so that am sharing my powerful pre-poo mix. Pre-poo is the part of my Regimen where I experiment the most whether it be oils, honey, conditioner, ayurvedic powder mix,  or my DIY mixes.  I take my pre-poo (pre shampoo) very seriously.   This pre-poo was purely accidental and I’m happy  that it was a head on collision! My NG has met it's match! Hold on to your strands ladies..this one’s gonna knock your tangles off.

Pree-poo mix > banana, sour cream, honey, oils....I don't measure these (ANGTFD!)

Banana – overripe is best. I am #unbothered with blending so I go for Banana baby food
Sour cream – mann oh mann…I do sour cream n’ Honey facials all the time and my face is ALWAYS soft, supple and bright. So one day after I mixed too much I didn’t want to throw it away. Since I was going to pre-poo overnight anyway, guess what I did? Yep. Right unto my strands it went. The results were fantabulous!!!!!
Honey – Moisture!! Moisture!!! Moisture!!!! Plus its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory
Carrier oils of your choice – this week I use my trusty trio – Coconut, Avocado and Olive oil (these are the top best oils that penetrate the hair shaft). Use whatever is on hand or whatever you like. Essential oils of your choice – I love Rosemary, Lavender, peppermint and Tea-tree.

Okay ladies at this point you have in your hands a moisture rich, shine imparting, new growth bulldozing, strand nourishing treatment. You can either proceed to application process or add in some of your fav Conditioner for  addional (slip you won't need it) lol. 

Here's what's going to happen:
1. Upon applying your  NG is going to be so soft and stretched it will feel like there's relaxer in it
2. Upon rinsing out you'll get the most amazing shine
3. Upon drying your hair will feel fluffed, moisturised, soft and stretched. 
4. You're going to have a serious case of HIH syndrome 

How did my wash day go?

1. Sour cream banana pre-poo ....added some fenugreek powder
2. Co-cleansed with Eden Body Works coconut shea cowash
3. Leave ins - Biolage Keratinodose pro-keratin-silk
4. Sealed with avocado oil
5. Air dried on some twist and rocked a twist out!

Short but VERY effective wash day. Three days later and my hair is still soft. Fluffed. Shiny and moisturized.

What's your go to power pre-poo?

The Wash Day Experience

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  1. Your prepoo mix did give your hair a great shine!

    1. yessss! but what's not obvious is the softness and moisture.

  2. ooh kill 'em! I'ma hav to try this, that shine is ah-mazing!

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

    1. Thanks Luv....I hope it works just as great for you. Do let me know!

  3. Wow I love this. *grabs pen and paper* I definitely must try your pre poo. Your hair looks amazing.

    1. I hope you love it! let me know how it goes!

  4. This is awesome. I'd love to know more how you use it for your face. I'm acne prone so....

  5. Definitely sounds interesting and the results looked great!