Wash day - could this be Love?


If it’s one thing I Hate more than flies it’s an itchy scalp. And my scalp has been itching the heck outta me. I decided to start of this day with an exfoliating scalp scrub and things went uphill from there. This post was sitting in my queue- I thought I'd uploaded it :( 
My wash day was last Sunday.

Scalp Scrub/Massage >  featuring Brown sugar, vatika coconut oil, Lavenda EO and Eucalyptus EO – my scalp felt soothed and refreshed but the massage created mucho tangles!!!

Pre-poo > Profectiv Anti Breakage DC at Demarkation line, Hemp oil length of hair – Profectiv is protein-based so it keeps my demarcation line in tact.

Shampoo > ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo diluted with Aloe Vera Juice and Rosemary oil

Oil Rinse> Africa’s Best Herbal oil mix – ohhhhh Laaaaa Laaaaaa.

Deep Condition > Crème of Nature with Argon Oil Moisturizing Milk Masque. This is a fairly new product. I couldn’t find any reviews on it. But since there were so many rave reviews on the shampoo and conditioner from this line, plus the wonderful ingredient list I took a gamble. Steamed for 1 hour .Bwoi, was this DC worth its weight in Gold. The moisture pay off was ahhhh-mazing!!!!!!!   This left me with fluffy, moisturized, stretched NG(no joke this DC had my NG strands repelling each other). The Major plus was I was not experiencing any of the dryness/crunchiness  I had the last 2 wash days.

Final Leave-in rinse > mix of ACV and AVJ

Didn’t have time to air dry so I applied Avocado oil root to tip, braided my roots and twisted the length of my hair and sat under my Dryer on Low while I watched my team get the beating of their Playoff Lives :(

Detangled with my beloved HH soft coconut Marshmallows. Moisturized and sealed with Elasta QP mango butter + avocado oil (this is giving EVCO a run for its money for the #1 spot). Retwisted my hair then connected them into a bun or chignon for the week. 

Hope you guys all had fantabulous wash days. Has anyone tried the Moisturizing Milk Masque from Cream of nature.

LOve out Loud

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  1. Great shine in your hair love it!!

    1. Thanks girl. am trying to be like you!

  2. I am in love with that bun...so creative. Lovely blog as well.

  3. Oh lawd, now you are going to have me on the hunt for the conditioner. Does it have protein? That's my only deal breaker.

    1. ***dramatic suspense music***** Nooooooo protein! lol, I picked it up at my local walmart for $8