Wash Day - Come on and 'check' up on it!


**Breathes easy** This past wash day was a lot less dramatic.

In preparation for the Hairlista Castor oil challenge 1/25 - 4/25 I flat ironed my hair to get a sense of where I am lenght-wise.

Let me Explain:

PREPOO - Mix of Organics Best Hair Mayonaise, honey + coconut oil. I needed the protein to strenghten my strands to handle the heat from flat ironing

SHAMPOO- Dr. Bronners Honey Hemp liquid soap...am not sure how this ended up in my stash or how long it's been there but I LOVE the way it made my hair feel. It cleansed without stripping AND it moisturized my hair.  

DEEP CONDITIONER - Silk Dreams Wheatgerm Butter DC.  I thought this was really good as a leave it. But I used it for the first time to deep condition then steamed for 30 minutes layered with some Hemp oil.

FINAL RINSE -  Apple Cider Vinegar + Rosewater mix with avocado oil. Whenever I have to use direct heat on my hair I always try to incorporate avocado oil as a heat protective barrier due to it's high smoke point (up to 500 + degrees). This simply means it can withstand up to 500+ degrees of heat. I flat iron my hair on 310 degrees so I feel confident that I am truly protecting my strands from heat damage.

LEAVE-INS - Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave in + Nexxus PRO-MEND split end binding straightening lotion and 1 pump each of Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine anti-frizz serum and OGX Coconut milk anti-breakage serum. Listen it was like Fort Knox all up and through my hair. LOL

I air-dried then flat ironed in sections on 310 degrees using my Remington S5500 Anti-Static Digital Ceramic 1" flat iron.
Below Pre-trim

After a mini trim to clean up my hemline. I trimmed in a U-shape. The outer sites of the U are at the #5 line and the middle is at line #6.

My hair is doing so much better. It's thickened up a lot this past year. The middle still needs some TLC so that will be my primary focus in this castor oil challenge. 

Are any of you taking part in the Hairlista Castor oil challenge? read about it here.

Check out all the other beautiful ladies sharing their #WashDayExperience
and as Always LOL = Love Out Loud

The Wash Day Experience

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  1. Glad your hair is doing so much better.

  2. Your hair looks great! I'm joining the castor oil challenge too.

  3. Your hair looks super thick and healthy!!!

  4. Your hair's looking great Savvy Sammy. I'm curious about this castor oil challenge, will check it out

  5. I'm joining the Hairlista Castor Oil Challenge....a bit late but I've been inspired! lol. I really want to try the Silk Dreams conditioner now. UGH! Too many products, only one head! lol

  6. Thanks for the tip about avocado oil! I didn't know that it was such a good heat protectant. You did a fantastic job trimming your hair into a U-shape! Personally it's my favorite hemline shape.

    What do you think of Nexxus PRO-MEND split end binding straightening lotion? Do you think that you'd re-purchase it?

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands