Savvy's wash day extravaganza


I knew my hair was madd at me! I haven't washed it in 3 weeks (judge not least yee be judged) lol
I've been busy, I've busy (sung to the tune of Drunk in Love) and when I finally decided to wash at end of week 2 I succumbed to a nasty flu!
I knew I needed to pamper my strands and intended to throw everything but the kitchen sink at it! Ready! Set!! Go!!!

1. Bathed my strands in coconut oil and finger detangled
2. Pre-pooed overnight with Organix coconut conditioner mixed with Brahmi, Hibiscus and Bhringraj   powders, rosemary, clove and lavender essential oils and lastly some rose water and glycerin.
3. Washed my hair in 8 plaits with ORS creamy aloe shampoo
4.  Coffe rinsed and DC'd with Haritage Hydration Brown Butter Banna conditioner. I added some honey and sesame oil to the mix.
5. Put some Tresemme Touchably smooth conditioner atop my DC and Steamed for 30 mins with my Secura steamer
6. Rinsed and sprayed my hair with a mix of Aloe Vera juice, acv and rose water.
7. I used one of my daughters 100% cotton receiving blankets to "tshirt" dry my hair lol
8. After about 30 mins I applied my leave-ins of Cantu Sheabutter and HH coconut marshmallow leave in and sealed with Hemp oil

Pre-wash I felt like my hair was about to grow legs and walk away but it knows I've never neglected
it like that in the past. After my pampering session it was soft, silky and flowy. My hair was like yes girl u did the da*m thing!

I wore it in 2 braids cross-crossed at the back of my head. Working on getting pics uploaded.

Ps. This is my 1st blog post! And am phone posting. I have to get a hang of loading pics and all that good jazzy stuff. Am especially keeping my fingers crossed that it posts properly to #thewashdayexperience link up with Jen from and KLP of

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LOL - Love Out Loud

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  1. Ohhh! I can't wait to see pics of your braided do.

    Thanks for being apart of the #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging!! Great first post. Going 3 weeks without washing my hair has become the norm for me recently, I've been so busy.

    1. Thanks Takara.Yess!! sometimes our hair has to take a back seat to school, work and family life. We are NOT our hair! lol

  3. Those two braid look great, a must try for me, welcome to blogging. I also just started blogging this month!

  4. That final style is so cute and you achieved it so easily! #Love!!!

  5. Loving your braid style, I will definitely be doing this as a protective style!