Wash Day - Welcome to 2015

Hi everyone :) In keeping with one of my goals for 2015 which is to blog more I'm starting off with a Wash day post.

I washed my hair yesterday and the entire process was done with my hair in small twists. Here are the Deets:

PREPOO - Applied warmed Vatika Coconut oil root to tip then massaged my scalp for 20 mins

SHAMPOOBiolage Hydrasource shampoo 

DEEP CONDITIONER - Alikay Naturals Honey and Sage DC. Steamed for 45 mins 

I then layered the DC with some Hemp oil and left in for another hour.

FINAL RINSE -  Aloe Vera Juice

LEAVE-INS - T-shirt wrapped my hair for about an hour. Then applied my leave-ins using the L.O.C.O(liquid, oil, conditioner, oil) method. 
L = Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave in, O = Organic Coconut oil, C = Silk Dreams Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner, O = Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt Moisturizer. I've been using this method with these same products for the past month and when I take my hair down to M&S every other day or so my hair was still soft and moisturized so I left it alone and will now be M&Sing once per week :)

I found a new line of Products (Alikay Naturals)  that my texlaxed/relaxed hair and my daughter's natural hair really loves !!!!!!!!
 Review coming soon :)

Another one of my Hair goals for 2015 is to do more long term protected styles. This week I style my hair in a top bun but I plan on installing either Senagalese Twist or box braids in the next 2 weeks.

I pray that each and every one of you are blessed with great health and a very prosperous 2015!

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The Wash Day Experience

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  1. Sounds like you had a great wash day! Love the bun!

  2. I've had my eye on the Alikay Naturals line, can't wait to read your reviews!

  3. Nice you found a product that works for both you AND your daughter's hair! I look forward to hear more about the product line. Great job on that high bun!

  4. Happy new year Savvy Sammy! I love the packaging on the Alikay Naturals looking forward to your review.

  5. Very cute bun! I am always intrigued by products that are new to me (could it be that I'm a real product junkie?) LOL! I'm so looking forward to your reviews! Good luck with your protective styling goals!

  6. Thank you ladies for your wonderful comments and encouragements! Am not quite sure why I cannot reply to each individual comment :( Am working on it. Peace and Blessings to you all!